Thursday, August 4, 2016

My new blog (about Rolemaster)

I have started a new blog (using a domain I have owned for a year or so but never did anything with). It is dedicated to my latest project - returning to my old stomping grounds of Rolemaster. I am using this new blog as an attempt to focus my mind on one project. So this blog will be quiet for a while (well, probably not much more than it already is to be honest).

Check it out if you are so inclined...

THRAKORZOG BLOG (the name of my favorite Tick villain - and my user name for World of Warships).

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

New map making in progress

Dissatisfied with my Axe Lands map, I decided to start a new map. This time something for perhaps Ruins & Ronin Deluxe. So here is the current map with no rivers or cities in place. I hope to do some world development in the coming weeks.

Cat tested, cat approved.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Map of the Axe Lands (in progress)

I have begun a new mapping project for my face-to-face game of B/X D&D (played with some old friends and our kids). The Broken Bay lies to the east of the Axe Lands (land of small petty kingdoms "points of light in a harsh world"), the eastern lands are known as the Grey Wastes. Once a thriving land of enlightenment now a cold desolate realm covered in ash.

Ruins of once great cities dot the lands, and bands of mutants (humanoid races) haunt the landscape scraping to survive.

The islands in the Broken Bay are the Dread Peaks, once part of the range that was above the water here before the deluge in the age or ruins that cracked the land and the great sea flooded in.

This is all just conjecture for now...

The scale is 1 Hex = 10 leagues (or 30 miles).

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Fever Dreaming Marlinko review

Chris has gotten a great review for Fever-Dreaming Marlinko, and well deserved praise at that. I did the layout for this book, so I may be biased but if you haven't bought it yet, check out this review.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ruins & Ronin in an alternate universe

Trey Causey over at From the Sorcerer's Skull blog generated this brilliant what-if / alternate universe cover of Ruins & Ronin. What a thing of beauty, and it really sparked some desire to get back to R&R deluxe... maybe the spark will light a fire and I will get some work done. : ) Maybe.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday night D&D

The stage is set, I have invited two old high school friends (and their kids) over to begin some new B/X D&D action tonight. I have bought a new vinyl grid and dry erase markers, as well as sets of dice for the kids. I have pre-generated over a dozen 1st level characters and dug out my old (mostly unpainted) minis.

I am using my Axe Lands setting (home of the G+ jousting tourneys now that I have moved on from Normandie). For this adventure I am using the castle & dungeon maps from Bone Hill, but have edited to fit my setting.

The witch Ravina of House Bracken has returned to her ancestral home, Castle Bracken. The castle was sacked over 25 years ago when House Bracken joined the ill-fated Wildfire rebellion. When house Karson tried to take the throne from the ruling Fulwell clan. Like much of the losing noble houses, Bracken lands were pillaged and the castle laid to waste.

Ravina was only a child at the time and was away in her studies when the rebellion began. Now, much older and wiser, she has returned to her home with her rag-tag bunch of brigands to look for lost family treasures. She has charmed the leader of a local brigand group and with help from a scroll she has animated a long dead uncle to serve as her body guard (now known as Sir Dread).

She has taken residence in the upper floors of the castle, but is in contention with a group of undead and a small host of Rock Baboons that seem to have taken up a home in the dungeon proper.

With her brigands, she has been pilfering from the local farmsteads of the nearby Ashford Holdfast (home of House Ashley), and the local population has demanded aid from their lord, who seeks outside adventurers to explore the once forgotten castle...

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Vat Engineered Troopers (VET class for White Star)

So I recently purchased White Star (finally) and have been reading the old Rogue Trooper comics and decided to whip up a new class suitable for White Star (or even WARBAND!). I give you the VET...

Note: There is another very cool Rogue Trooper class for Labyrinth Lord that can be found here. It is pretty damn cool too. 

VET (Vat Engineered Trooper)
VETs are biologically engineered super soldiers, usually manufactured in large vats. They once were engineered with superior physical and mental abilities, they have declined in recent centuries due to diluted materials and inferior manufacturing processes.

Ability Generation
Most will have average or above physical abilities but are usually only average in mental capacity. The normal method for determining a VET’s ability scores are not used when creating a VAT character, instead use the following method:

STR: 2d6+6
INT: 3d6
WIS: 3d6
DEX: 2d6+6
CON: 2d6+6
CHA: 3d6

Armor & Weapon Restrictions: VETs can use any weapon and are trained to use any armor.

Saving Throws: VETs receive a +2 bonus to save versus poison and death.

Tactical Genius: VETs are hyper alert and react faster than most foes, they add +2 to their initiative rolls (or +1 to party initiative if individual initiative is not used).

Marksman: VETs are skilled riflemen and gain a +1 to hit with any missile weapon at 1st level, and another +1 at 3rd level.  This skill is retained even if the VET is transferred to a new body after death (though they do not gain additional bonuses for progressing through the levels again).

VET Advancement Table

At 50,000 XP, loses 1d6 HP.
At 75,000 XP, loses another 1d6 HP and all Physical (STR,CON,DEX) stats drop by 1d6.
At 100,000 XP, loses another 1d6 HP and ALL stats drop by 1d6.

A VET can transfer memory chip into new clone body at any level or XP (if vat facility is available). When transferred, must re-roll all Physical (STR,DEX,CON) stats and hit points.

New VET will retain all BHB and ST from previous level and new levels will not “stack” with older. Will progress again through levels to gain XP and HP.